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Advisory Committee

Dr Linda Spedding

Dr Linda Spedding holds an LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., Ph.D. She is a Solicitor (England & Wales), and Advocate (India) and an Attorney (USA). Having worked with international law firms, she set up her own practice and remains a consultant to law firms and institutions. Dr. Spedding has authored several books and many articles for professional journals on sustainability and ethics of governance. She is well known for her contribution to the global environmental and energy debates.

Dr. Spedding has been and is - an international advisor to many commercial and professional bodies both in the private and public sector, including SERM. She serves on several committees, including the SCI Business Strategy Committee and India Task Force, and is International Sustainability Advisor to some of the world leading organizations.

Mr. Chacko P. Verghese

Mr. Verghese is a graduate (MS) of Roosevelt/Northwest University in Illinois and is a Pharmacologist by training. He is a leading authority in healthcare, technology transfer, and higher education, and sits on the board or is advisor to some of the leading private and public institutions in the United States and India. Early in his career, he worked for Burroughs Wellcome / Glaxo Wellcome for over 18 years and was involved in the drug discovery process, including at the Duke Medical Center. He has over 23 publications and abstracts in major medical journals to his credit.

Mr. Verghese has helped to create and finalize several public-private partnerships in healthcare, biotechnology, waste management, and also higher education. He is often invited by the US Government and public institutions, especially of his home state, North Carolina to speak or represent them in international conferences. In recognition of his contribution to US-India relations, he was invited as part of official delegation that accompanies President Clinton to India in 2000.

Mr. Robinder Sachdev

Mr. Sachdev is the founder president of the Imagindia Institute.

The Come, Clean India campaign has been conceptualized and is being organized by Imagindia.

Mr. Sachdev’s brief profile may be seen here.