an initiative of Imagindia

Clean Food India

A sub-set initiative of the Come, Clean India campaign


  • To raise awareness about safety, standards, contents, quality, and health value of foods in India

Food Categories

  • Packed and Packaged foods
  • Loose Grocery Food Items
  • Milk and Milk Products
  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Meats and Eggs
  • Edible Oils

  • Drinks and Water
  • Restaurant and Eatery Foods
  • Street Foods
  • Nutrients and Dietary Supplements
  • Body and Personal Care Products
  • Wine and Alcohol

What does the Campaign do?

Policy Advocacy


  • Promote Safety, Standards, Quality, Labeling, Compliance, & Enforcement
  • Capacity Building of each above, and Enforcement of Truth-in-Advertising
  • Promote collaboration between health, agriculture, and veterinary sectors
  • Advocate for Standard Operating Procedures and Mechanisms of Redressal
  • Passage of Clean Food India Act in Parliament


  • Arranging awareness and advocacy activities 
  • Mobilizing civic and volunteer activities to promote clean food 
  • Participating in awareness and promotion programs



  • Clean and healthy eating, informed consumers
  • Standards, composition, health value, calorific value, harmful value
  • Buying habits, storing habits, cooking habits, waste disposal habits
  • Activities in school, college chemistry, biology labs, Quiz, Debates
  • Workshops in schools, colleges for making DIY kits at home
  • Workshops in corporate, organizations for making DIY kits at home
  • Open House at NIFTEM, other Food and Agricultural Institutes
  • Culinary get-togethers, and Competitions
  • Consumer rights, and redressal mechanisms
  • Cause Champions, Campaign Ambassadors
  • Simplified online knowledge base and resource of learning
  • Mascot and Mobile App
  • Neziak© of Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Preparation


  • Aware and informed consumers
  • DIY Home Kits for testing of foods
  • Mystery Shopper Program
  • School Techno-Food-Marshals Program
  • Young Embedded Ambassadors Program
  • Whistle-blower Protection and Publicity Program
  • Compliance by manufacturers, preparers
  • Bigger font, simple and cleaner labeling on food products
  • Training programs on food safety and hygiene for employees in industry
  • Improved R & D by manufacturers
  • Optional Certification of GCMPP

Sub-message of campaign

  • No Wastage of Food - Clean Plate
  • No Wastage of Food - from Farm to Fork
  • No Wastage of Food – Segregation of Kitchen Waste, Wet and Dry Waste
  • Healthy Living – Choose to make your Personal Diet Portfolio
  • Healthy Living - Choose to say no to Obesity
  • Healthy Living - Choose to say yes to Clean Air

Interested to volunteer and be a part of the campaign?
Please contact …. Come, Connect