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Clean India Campaign

Le Loop, March 5, 2011When visitors tour India , travel it’s corners , to be enthralled by the splendid architecture , the history , the wonderful colorful, vibrant culture, the truth about Indians also comes tumbling out. India is one of the dirtiest, filthiest country, with no civic sense or hygiene. There is no waste management, no clean public toilets, and the dirt piles never seem to stop growing. The littering is acceptable by one and all. Heated debates occur every day in the Indian media about political scams, scandals, corruption , but rare few make the effort to open the myopic vision of the Indian public to the scrappy , disgustingly nauseating and smelly heaps of trash that occupies every inch of it’s land.

Solutions are few . But, about to change the dirt into a waste management gold is Imagindia, an entrepreneurial think tank with a mission to add value to the imagination and image of India, and people of Indian origin.

The strategy is simple. Clean up. Silently, Effectively. Definitely. Layer by layer, scrap by scrap. Frequently and repeatedly. The campaign planned and implemented by Imagindia, is intending to shake the Indian public and global diaspora into simple action. A Gandhian approach with solutions to bring about a change in the mindset, laws and bring about a “can do attitude” and mobilize citizens to participate , contribute and volunteer.

So, will the campaign go to all the dirtiest nooks and crannies and come out clean as a whistle ? Well, one way to find out, is to become actively involved in the cleaning process, and provide pragmatic solutions and transform a dirt laden nation into a clean, hygienic, sparklingly clean country. 

So, just don’t smirk or show a resigned attitude. Go volunteer – swish the broom and mop and gain the added health benefit. Instead of relying on the apple to keep you healthy, make sure the air remains clean, the roads don’t become an eyesore and matter of shame, and that waste management becomes the mantra for clean, hygienic India. Curious ?

Well, here are some details to help you peel away the dirt layers :

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