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...go, bin, go - let us spread waste bins across public spaces in India

One of the most unfortunate sights in the public spaces of India is the total absence of waste bins. Even if citizens of India do not want to litter on the roads, markets – where do we throw the empty wrappers, water bottles, or any such trash?

One of our biggest efforts on policy advocacy with local and municipal governments is that they should install more waste-bins. In fact, this is one of the simplest topics we are trying to introduce in the political manifestoes of all political parties of India.

If we are serious about a clean India – we need designated spaces where trash can be disposed. The humble waste bin in our public spaces is one such point. Come, Clean India is similarly pushing for defined methods of disposing sewage, and industrial effluents into the rivers of India.

Through our web-cam project we are positioning web-cams on the designated drains where the municipal or industrial liquids are dumped into our rivers. There must be a defined process by which liquids are dumped into our rivers. Let us bring transparency, science, and rule of law on how waste in India – be it solid or liquid or gas – is handled through the entire chain of creation to disposal.

While we work on range of issues regarding waste management, we have realized that the first step to a clean India is the humble “bin”. Be it in our homes, in the markets, on the road-sides, or the filth-spewing pipe that gurgle millions of liters of toxic liquids into our pristine rivers.

So, in an ode to the philosophy of scientific disposition of waste we invite you to play “Go Bin-go”. We have several initiatives to radically increase the number, awareness, and usage of waste-bins across India. Please connect if you feel strongly about this issue, and together we will crowd-source a change in the landscape of public spaces of India.

The first step in this movement is to raise awareness, and solution, to habits (civic and governmental) of disposing waste. This starts with having more “bins” in public spaces across India. The city of Delhi alone needs at least 100,000 bins in its public spaces.

Come, Bingo

While we all push municipal agencies to radically increase the number of waste bins in the public spaces of India, here is where you and I can lend our shoulders to this effort:

  • Gift one big plastic bucket (like the really big ones) to a street vendor in your neighborhood – the local cigarettewala, vegetable vendor, chaat-wala, and various. Buy a big bucket, order a Come, Clean India sticker, paste on the bucket and gift it to the vendor.

  • Gift one plastic bucket to be used as a waste-bin in the school-bus in which your child goes to school. Buy a bucket (normal, bathroom sized), order a Come, Clean India sticker, paste it on the bucket, and give it to the bus-driver of the school bus to keep in the bus. Our kids need to learn the idea of disposing trash in its designated space, no?

  • Use two waste bins in your kitchen – one for wet waste, and other for dry waste. Just do it. Use two bins in your kitchen. In the morning, keep out these two waste bins for the garbage collector. Combine this with next.

  • Gift a large Come, Clean India apron T-shirt to the garbage collector who comes to pick your kitchen waste in the morning. Give him pride, respect him for the work he does. Order the apron here.