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Imag India launches sanitation drive

JammuKashmir Newspoint, March 27, 2011

Jammu Tawi, Feb 27:Imagindia initiative Come, Clean India in collaboration with Jammu CFA and Distributors Association today launched sanitation and cleanliness drive from Government Medical College Hospital Main Gate.On the occasion, Member Parliament, Madan Lal Sharma; MLA Jammu West, Prof Chaman Lal Gupta; Municipal Commissioner S C Sahni; and Ex-Coprporator S S Shingari were also present.The campaign, described as a Gandhian movement by its organizers, was launched at Rajghat in February, and since then it has done three clean-ups with 80-120 volunteers at each activity in Delhi.

Now, on March 27, the movement is spreading to the widest corners of India - Jammu, Itanagar and Trivandrum. The movement is eliciting viral support via social media, Facebook, and such, and is being supported across wide sections of society who gather every second Sunday, and physically clean public spaces outside the main government hospital in each of these cities. Speaking on the occasion, Kulbhushan Mohetra general secretary Jammu CFA and Distributors Association announced that the drive for cleanliness will be conducted by Jammu CFA and Distributors Association along with ImagIndia every fortnight. Starting from hospitals it will be carried to Railway Station and subsequently at all tourist spots in the state, he added. 

From the CFA and Distributors Association S Avtar Saingh, SK Sareen, Sanjay Sareen and Anil Suri were also present on the occasion. At each cleaning venue, the volunteers raise the national flag, put a picture of the national flower (lotus), and a picture of the national tree (banyan) and then get down to work with brooms and shovels - while maintaining a strict code of conduct of silence. The organizers say that they have imposed this code of conduct so that the citizen energy is focused only on the physical cleaning, and strongly discourage any other talk. "Our work is our message.

Imagining a clean India must be faster than speed of light. Let us work beyond the speed of light", says a statement from ImagIndia Institute, the organizers of this national movement.Youth, college students, corporate executives, senior IFS, IAS, armed forces, serving and retired, professors, housewives - are among many volunteers who can be seen at any cleaning activity - silently working with brooms, buckets and shovels. 

The campaign has successfully obtained the support of Gul Panag, actress, as its brand ambassador, and of two large national organizations. The National Cadet Corps (NCC) and the Civil Defense Organization of India are supporting this national effort by sending their volunteer cadre wherever possible in the country to help Come, Clean India. In order to create awareness and push for policy reform among parliamentarians and state legislators, the citizen movement systematically invites the MP and MLA of each area to join their constituents in cleaning. 

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